Checking Accounts

The bank offers a variety of checking accounts so customers can choose the best options for their circumstances. Many accounts are eligible to receive Overdraft Privilege protection. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Free Regular Checking
That’s right... free! With a Haverhill Bank personal checking account, you don’t have to worry about a monthly fixed charge. You don’t have to be concerned about maintaining a minimum balance. It’s not required. Yet this account still gives you the freedom to write as many checks, make as many deposits and perform as many automated teller machine (ATM) transactions (at all Haverhill Bank locations) as you like.

NOW Checking

With the NOW account, you can withdraw cash or pay bills anytime, anywhere, by writing a check. Like a savings account, NOW checking earns interest from day of deposit to day of withdrawal, providing that the balance is $10 or more.

The monthly fixed charge and the per check charge will be waived on your NOW account if you maintain a daily minimum balance of $400 or the combined balances in your saving accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit is $5,000 or more everyday during the statement cycle.

Gold Checking Account
If you carry a combined minimum balance of $10,000 in your Gold Checking account, savings account, money market account, IRA and/or certificates of deposit during each day of the statement cycle, you are eligible for this special NOW checking account.

You receive free Gold check orders, free travelers checks, free cashier’s checks, free money orders and no annual IRA fee. You may also apply for a MasterCard debit or an ATM card and use it free at any Haverhill Bank ATM and receive reimbursement of ATM surcharges up to $40.00 per month imposed by other banks.

Rewards Checking
This checking account really pays! With free Rewards Checking, your qualifying accounts earn special bonus rates of .65 percent APY* on balances up to $50,000 and .15 percent APY on balances over $50,000. A standard rate of 0.10 percent APY applies if qualifying transactions are not met.

In addition, you may receive refunds of ATM charges imposed by other bank ATMs nationwide per the schedule below. ATM reimbursements will be credited to your Rewards Checking account on the last day of your statement cycle. Reimbursements are limited to $30.00 per account, per cycle.

ATM Surcharges Between Refund Policy

$.01 and $3.00

Reimbursed in full

$3.01 to $4.99

Reimbursed at $3.00 per transaction

$5.00 or more

Not reimbursed, even in part

ATM withdrawals do not count as qualifying debit card transactions. Debit card transactions processed by merchants and received by the bank as ATM transactions do NOT count towards qualifying debit card transactions. Only debit card transactions processed by merchants and received by the bank as POS transactions count toward qualifying debit card transactions.

Each monthly qualification cycle, you must:

  • Have at least 10 debit card purchases post and settle (or clear your account), and
  • Have at least one direct deposit or automatic payment post and settle (or clear your account), and
  • Receive your statement electronically, and
  • Access online banking

Requirements: You must maintain an online account with a current e-mail address.

*.65 Annual Percentage Yield (APY) paid on balances up to $25,00.00, .65 APY on balances from $25,000.01 to $50,000.00 and .15 APY on balances over $50,000.00 each statement cycle the requirements are met (with an APY of .48 assuming the maximum deposit of $75,000.00). Rates are accurate as of December 1, 2014. The rate is variable. The rate and APY may change at any time after account is opened. Available on personal accounts only. Qualifying transactions are measured for items posted to and settled (or cleared) your account for the monthly period beginning the last business day of the previous statement cycle through the next to last business day of the current statement cycle. If you do not meet the qualifying transactions you will earn 0.10% APY and will not receive any applicable ATM fee reimbursements. If you do not meet the Rewards Checking requirements, Haverhill Bank reserves the right to convert your account to a Regular Checking account. Fees could reduce earnings on the account.

Senior Account
People 62 years or older are entitled to NOW checking with no monthly service charge and no minimum balance. You also get free basic check orders.

Overdraft Protection
Avoid embarrassing situations with two overdraft protection options. You may pre-authorize automatic transfers between your savings and checking accounts, or opt in for Overdraft Privilege to cover overdrafts on eligible accounts.
With Overdraft Privilege, Haverhill Bank will consider, without obligation on its part, paying overdrafts of up to $800. Any and all fees and charges, including without limitation, insufficient funds/overdraft fees (as set forth in the bank’s fee schedules) will be included in this limit. *

*Overdraft, uncollected funds or insufficient funds charge of up to $25.00 applies to overdrafts created by payments authorized by checks, ACH/electronic items, Home Connection, Phone Connection, in-person withdrawals and recurring Debit Card transactions. Fee also applies to everyday ATM/Debit Card transactions for consumers who have opted in. There is no NSF fee if the transaction or overdrawn balance is less than or equal to $10 and there is a maximum of 5 fees per day. You must bring your balance positive immediately or as soon as possible and at least every 30 days. The bank cannot promise to pay every overdraft and is never obligated to pay your overdraft. The bank typically does not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, for example, you are not making regular deposits.
One-time ATM/Debit Card transactions and withdrawals may be paid if you have opted in for this type of overdraft coverage.  If you have not opted in and do not have sufficient funds for a one-time ATM/Debit card transaction or withdrawal then your transaction may be declined and you will not be charged a fee.  If you have opted in for this type of overdraft coverage and you are eligible for Overdraft Privilege we may approve your one-time ATM/Debit card transactions and withdrawals up to your assigned ODP! Limit and charge your account our normal insufficient/overdraft fee up to a maximum of five per day.

Check Imaging
No matter which checking account option you choose, reduced images of your cancelled checks will be included with your monthly statement. The images make it easy for you to reconcile your accounts while reducing the amount of paper you have to monitor each month. You can keep the images and statements in a free three-ring binder, available for the asking when you open your account.

In addition, images of your cancelled checks appear on your online statement as soon as they are processed. You can easily view the front and back of each check by clicking on its image when you access your online account. No more waiting for your monthly statement to see your cancelled checks.


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