Savings Accounts

Haverhill Bank offers several savings plans to meet your needs. Choose from one or more of the following options:

Regular Savings
Haverhill Bank offers you a passbook to make deposits and withdrawals anytime you wish. Interest compounds monthly on balances of $10 or more.

You deposit what you want, when you want. This account is geared to your savings needs.

Statement Savings
With Statement Savings you receive a monthly mailing instead of a passbook. Your savings activity and interest earned are noted so that you have the information you need to plan financially. Statement Savings accounts are available to people 18 years or older. This service is especially helpful for “direct depositors.”

Statement Savings users may apply for an ATM card.

Money Market Accounts
Both individuals and businesses can benefit from this high interest account. This special account, requiring a minimum opening deposit of $1,000, gives you the advantage of Money Market rates and access to your money any time. You may make only six withdrawals or transfers to another party or to another account per month or statement cycle by means of preauthorized or automatic transfers, telephone, electronic transfers, facsimile transmission, computer, check or debit card. The interest rate on this account is tiered so that as your account balance grows so does the interest rate that you receive.

Christmas Club
Each October you begin saving for the next year. You choose the amount you wish to deposit weekly and the bank will automatically send you a check for the amount of your balance the following fall... in plenty of time to get your holiday shopping done. Interest compounds monthly on balances of $10 or more.

Name Your Own Club
This special “club” account works like a Christmas Club. It allows you to set the parameters — how much you want to save and when you want it to be available to you. Whether planning for a wedding, tuition, insurance payment or a vacation, you can set and meet your own goal. Interest is paid and compounded monthly on balances of $10 or more.


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